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Data Felix is ​​a completely Italian company that is building edge and proximity data centers in the regions of Southern Italy, to offer services ranging from the colocation of servers and network equipment, private cages, physical and virtual dedicated servers, private and public cloud , virtual private data centers, backup as a service, object and block storage. The first data center, DF01, is in Caserta, and is a TIER III+ facility with 1MW of initial power available, with rapid growth planned to 2MW, and which within a radius of just 40 km allows it to reach over 4 million people. It is currently the largest private data center in Campania.

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Data Felix: Naples, Italy (DF01)

The data center in Caserta offers a dedicated MIX-IT POP, customizable colocation plans from racks to private cages, cloud IaaS and Virtual Data Center with dedicated resources as well as robust Cyber Security solutions and training programs.

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