Italy: RAI plans €140 million investment in developing data centers

Mar 27, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Italian broadcaster RAI this week announced its board of directors had approved a new 2024-2027 business plan, which includes a number of data center investments. The company said it plans to invest €140m related to the roll-out of its ‘diversification initiatives’ by 2027. These investments include roll-out of a new Content Delivery Network (CDN), the deployment of 10 Edge data centers, and the development of the first 4.4MW data hall of the hyperscale data center.

Roberto Cecatto, CEO of Rai Way, said: “Today we approved the Plan for the next 4 years. A clear industrial path which, in addition to seizing further opportunities in traditional businesses, defines an evolution of Rai Way's positioning in synergy with corporate assets and skills. The infrastructure we are developing - modern, integrated, and interconnected - is attracting the interest of customers involved in the digital transition process.”

He continued: “We also believe that this plan addresses the appropriate levers to bring out the real value of the company. The benefits will also go beyond the growth estimated for 2027, ensuring long-term sustainability and development.”