ZTE Shanghai Campus


Operated by: ZTE Corporation

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3.95 miles Equinix Shanghai SH2 SH3
5.85 miles Equinix Shanghai SH5
7.98 miles ICBC Shanghai
8.49 miles Equinix Shanghai SH6
12.12 miles 21vianet Shanghai
14.41 miles Racks Central Minhang
19.48 miles Princeton Digital Group: SH1
Shanghai, China's second-largest city serves as a Level 1 telecommunication backbone node, making it a major hub for cloud computing, financial services and MNCs. Our campus is one of the largest in south Shanghai with access to reliable electricity and major telecommunications providers. https://princetondg.com/locations/sh1/

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Operating Company

ZTE Corporation
1 Facilities Owned
1 Markets Served
0 Megawatts
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