Vantage Berlin BER1

Brandenburg Park

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Berlin data center campus, located in Brandenburg Park, will sit on 13 acres (5 hectares) off Bundesstrasse 101. Once fully developed, the 550,000 sq. ft. (50,000 sq. m.) campus will be comprised of two, multi-story, state-of-the-art data centers offering a combined 64MW of critical IT load. The first phase, scheduled for completion in 2021, will include 8MW of IT capacity.

  • 13-acre (5 hectares) campus
  • 64MW of critical IT load
  • Two planned, three-story data centers
  • 226,000 sq. ft. (21,000 sq. m.) of leasable data center space
  • 300W/sq. ft. (3.23kW/sq. m.) average density
  • Class A building amenities including office, conference rooms, break rooms and more

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Brandenburg Park (Address is Approximate. Please contact us to provide a more detailed address)
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8.51 miles GTT Berlin
8.92 miles I/P/B Kitzingstraße
8.92 miles Level3 Berlin Kitzingstraße
9.29 miles NTT Berlin 2 (Marienpark)
9.85 miles Vodafone D2 Berlin
10.23 miles Yondr Berlin
11.07 miles Level3 Berlin Gradestraße
11.09 miles Speedbone Berlin
11.09 miles euNetworks Berlin
11.42 miles Vantage Berlin II
13.53 miles I/P/B Lützowstraße
13.53 miles ITENOS Berlin
15.08 miles Colt Berlin
16.14 miles NTT Berlin 1
19.11 miles Penta Infra: BER01

Vantage Berlin BER1 Data Center Photos

Rendering of Vantage's Berlin campus due to be complete in 2021

German Colocation Matrix (2017) Rankings by Research in Action
Posted in Germany / Deutschland
Source: Computer World and Research in Action

Operating Company

Vantage is a wholesale datacenter provider operating in the Silicon Valley and Quincy, Washington markets.

Vantage was acquired by Digital Bridge Holdings LLC from Silver Lake Partners in January 2017.

46 Facilities Owned
21 Markets Served
677.0 Megawatts
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vdc_datasheet_berlin June 2020

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