TDF ProxiCenter Marseille

6505 Route de la Tour d'Arbois

Operated by: TDF

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6505 Route de la Tour d'Arbois
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Sites within 15 miles of TDF ProxiCenter Marseille

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3.12 miles Euclyde DC4 Aix les Milles
DC4 is Euclyde's first point of presence in the Bouches-du-Rhône
7.03 miles Jaguar Marseille MRS01
7.10 miles Telehouse Marseille THM1
8.54 miles Interxion Marseille MRS3
This is located in a former World War II submarine base known as Martha. Abandoned for decades, this unusual building was built to be virtually indestructible – its specifications include terraced reinforced concrete to a thickness of 5.5 metres
8.58 miles Interxion MRS4
8.59 miles Interxion Marseille MRS2
10.74 miles InterXion MRS1
InterXion's MRS1 (previously known as SFR Netcentre) datacenter has access to eight undersea cables that terminate in Marseille, that provide access to the African and Asian markets
10.74 miles Level3 Marseille

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