Site: STT Jakarta Bekasi

Company: ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC)
Metro: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Region: Southeast Asia
Region: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Region: World
Greenland International Industrial Centre (Approximate Location)

Estimated Construction Completion Date: 10/01/23

The STT data center is a result of a partnership with Indonesian conglomerate Triputra Group as well as Temasek, a global investment company

Map and Nearby Locations:

Greenland International Industrial Centre

SITES within 15 miles of STT Jakarta Bekasi

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Distance Site name SqFt
2.36 miles EdgeConneX Jakarta JKT01
5.30 miles DCI Indonesia H2 75,000
7.10 miles Equinix Jakarta JK1 9,257
7.47 miles DCI Indonesia JK3
7.48 miles DCI Indonesia JK5
7.50 miles DCI Indonesia JK2
7.53 miles Princeton JC1 116,250
7.55 miles DCI Indonesia JK1
7.59 miles Princeton PDG JC2