Penta Infra LEE02

Archimedesweg 38912 AK Leeuwarden

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This site was acquired in June 2020 from DataCenter Frysland (DCF) BV. It was formerly known as DCF2.

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Archimedesweg 38912 AK Leeuwarden
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0.73 miles Penta Infra LEE01

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Operating Company

Penta Infra is a fast growing provider of edge data centers in Europe and currently owns and operates 11 sustainable and highly connected facilities in Germany, France, The Netherlands and Denmark.

The data centers are strategically located on edge locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen and other major cities, allowing Penta Infra's clients to deliver an optimal digital customer experience to their end users.

8 Facilities Owned
6 Markets Served
16.8 Megawatts
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