4361 Rice Lake Rd

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The site near Arrowhead and Rice Lake roads is away from trains, freeways and combustibles and out of the flight path for the Duluth International Airport. Power lines are safely underground. And located on higher ground outside of a flood plain.

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4361 Rice Lake Rd
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2.68 miles Involta Duluth 421 N 6th

Involta-Duluth Data Center Photos

Involta on Technology Drive

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Involta builds, owns, and operates multi-tenant data centers in secondary markets throughout the United States. [1]


The evolution of Involta began with the founding Technology Resources Company(TRC) in 1998. CoVault Technology was founded in early 2006 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Involta was formed in 2007 through the merger of Technology Resources Company and CoVault Technology, LLC. The combination of CoVault, the only colocation data center company in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor, with the data management expertise of TRC creates a company that can both house and provide support for customers’ increasingly critical data infrastructure.

  • June 2014: Involta Acquires Data Recovery Services (DRS)[3]
    The assets of DRS include more than 5,500 fiber miles in Ohio and western Pennsylvania, two Youngstown-based data centers, an operations management agreement for the WeConnect Community Data Center near Columbus, and leased data center space in Pittsburgh.
  • In 2024, Involta rebranded as ark data centers


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2. Involta About Page
3. The Gazette Article. June 4th, 2015

18 Facilities Owned
10 Markets Served
52.69 Megawatts
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