Interconnect Services De Steenbok

De Steenbok 1

Operated by: Interconnect Services BV

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De Steenbok 1
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Sites within 15 miles of Interconnect Services De Steenbok

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Distance Site About
0.00 miles Acknowledge Benelux
13.53 miles Signet DC1 Science Park Eindhoven
13.72 miles Datacenter Brabant Waalwijk
14.79 miles EcoRacks Eindhoven
16.93 miles Interconnect Services Eindhoven
17.28 miles Eindhoven Fiber Exchange (EFX)
18.30 miles Keppel Eindhoven Campus
18.30 miles e-Quest Automatisering
19.75 miles NLDC Eindhoven
19.86 miles Global e Datacenter (NL)

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Operating Company

Interconnect Services BV
2 Facilities Owned
0 Markets Served
0 Megawatts
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