Netherlands: QuiX Quantum Along With QMware Are Constructing a Quantum Data Facility in Enschede

May 18, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

QuiX Quantum, a Dutch company specializing in quantum computing, plans to construct a data center at its headquarters in Enschede. The partnership between the business and QMware, announced this week, will create the "first fully integrated, hybrid quantum-classical platform." The native quantum computing technology will reportedly be integrated into the high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure that would be a part of the hybrid architecture, as stated by QuiX.

August 2023 is the target month for the new data center to achieve full operational capability for commercial applications. There was no disclosure of information regarding the particulars of the data center or the hardware being installed. QMware will colocate on-site HPC hardware with the photonic-based technology developed by QuiX Quantum that operates at room temperature. Through QMware's patented software, the various types of hardware will be brought together with shared memory access. Directly connecting the high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with simulated and native quantum hardware will be accomplished by QMware by utilizing a broadband, low-latency optical fiber connection.

QuiX Quantum was established in 2019 and is headquartered at the University of Twente. QMware is a provider of quantum hardware, quantum simulators, as well as software development tools and services. It was also established in 2019, although its headquarters are in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In addition, it offers access to its hardware via a cloud site. This access includes more than 40 qubit systems.