Site: Google Hamina Finland

Company: Google
Country: Finland
Region: Nordics
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Gross SqFt: 172,223
Total Power: 81.0 Megawatts
PUE: 1.1
Ownership: Google does not own the building.

The Google data center in Hamina is located in a former paper mill built in the 1950s. The facility draws on the Baltic Sea salt water cooling.

Tuike Finland Oy

Tuike Finland Oy owns and operates Google's data centre in the Finnish town of Hamina. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Hamina, Finland.

Google Investment in Finland

  • $600 million additional investment announced in 2015 (Source: Mercury News
  • $460 million initial investment announced in 2009 to build the data center

Cooled By Sea Water

Cooled entirely by sea water. The data center will be cooled using water from the Baltic Sea. It’s pulled in from the ocean floor, where temperature is more even, using pipes that are up to two meters in diameter. Twenty-year-old, renovated pumps from the old paper mill are used to circulate the water.


Wired writes in a 2012 Article "the recently abandoned mill had all the requirements Google looks for when siting a data center. The power grid in Finland was highly reliable, and it included renewables in the mix. The building had its own power substation, something Google would normally have to build. The local government was cooperative. And though Kava isn’t comfortable with saying it outright, he recognizes the brutal poetry in Google’s establishing one of its data palaces in the ruins of an iconic outpost of the dying world of print...."

The two data halls are 16,000 square meters. The size of additional expansions are unknown.

Map and Nearby Locations:

Ensontie 1, 49420 Hamina, Finland