Flō Networks El Paso

500 W Overland Ave

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The facility was previously known as a Transtelco facility until the company rebranded in February 2022 to Flo Networks.

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500 W Overland Ave
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0.04 miles Lumen El Paso 1
0.48 miles Lumen El Paso 2
10.77 miles MDC El Paso
14.27 miles Level3 Santa Teresa
17.35 miles Wurldwide: El Paso, TX
Wurldwide LLC plans to build an $800M data center campus in the northwest section of El Paso near the New Mexico border. For that purpose, Wurldwide LLC is looking to acquire 1,040 acres of city-owned land in the West Texas city.
18.16 miles Meta: El Paso
Meta is about to build a five-building data center campus in El Paso. There could be up to five phases of development, each totaling around 800,000 sq ft (74,320 sqm).

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Flō Networks is a telecom carrier in the US and Mexico. The company rebranded from Transtelco to Flo Networks in February 2022.

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