Elisa Helsinki Lauttasaari

Kiviaidankatu 2h

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Kiviaidankatu 2h
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0.03 miles Telia Lauttasaari (Nebula Oy)
The facility was acquired by Telia when it acquired Nebula Oy in 2017.
2.01 miles Telia Helsinki Kansakoulukuja
2.85 miles Equinix Helsinki HE2
The site was a Telecity managed datacenter before Equinix acquired Telecity in July 2016.
3.13 miles Technopolis Innopoli
3.25 miles DataCenter Finland Espoo
3.28 miles IP-Only Espoo
3.37 miles Elisa Espoo Tapiola
3.52 miles Elisa Helsinki Pasila
3.71 miles Equinix Helsinki HE3
3.75 miles Digita Pasila Broadcasting Tower
4.30 miles Telia Helsinki Pitäjänmäki
The site is powered by 100 percent renewable energy and will recycle waste heat from the servers, producing 200,000 MWh per year - enough heat to supply 20,000 homes in the nearby town of Espoo.
4.43 miles Telia Pitäjänmäki (Nebula Oy)
The facility was acquired by Telia when it acquired Nebula Oy in 2017.
4.60 miles Mediam Helsiki Data Center
4.60 miles Equinix Helsinki HE1
4.86 miles Elisa Espoo Säterinportti
4.95 miles Equinix Helsinki HE6
5.05 miles Equinix Helsinki HE7 Sinimäki
5.78 miles Equinix Helsinki HE5
9.12 miles Equinix Helsinki HE4
12.78 miles Ficolo: The Air
13.21 miles Hetzner Finland
As of September 2019, Data Center Park Helsinki has 3 operational data centers and 3 more under construction. The floor space for each data center is about 2,000 m² and approximately 2.4 megawatts

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