The Brittany Data Center Map Has 2 Sites

List of Brittany Data Centers:

Site name Gross SqFt Usable SqFt Power (MW)
Cogent Rennes
TDF ProxiCenter Rennes Cesson

Brittany is the farthest west of the regions of Metropolitan France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany, of which it constitutes 80%. The capital is Rennes.

Top Datacenter Providers in Brittany

Sites Sites Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
TDF 1 0 0.00
Cogent Communications 1 6,111 0.00
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Largest Datacenters in Brittany

Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
TDF ProxiCenter Rennes Cesson
Cogent Rennes
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