Brittany: Stratosfair breaks ground on Brittany Edge facility

Mar 28, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Stratosfair has announced that it has broken ground on its first data center based in the Lanester area of France to the tune of €800,000 ($900,000). The edge facility in the Northwest of the country spans 150 sqm (1,600 sq ft) and sits on a 500 sqm (5,380 sqft) site. 

Due to come online in June, the facility will include four containers with eight bays. In line with the green targets, the company has outlined that it will source 60% of the facility's energy from its own solar panels. That said, the company has said that all of its facilities will be fueled by 100% renewable energy, with a PUE of 1.16, built to Tier III standard. Likewise, it will also be deploying a heat reusing scheme, whereby the heat from the facility will be used to heat a nearby greenhouse.

Speaking about the facility, founder ​​Bérenger Cadoret, said: "Stratosfair's innovation is to integrate a Datacenter into the heart of a local circular economy circuit, where energy is recycled and recovered. Stratosfair is a short, connected circuit, where nothing is lost."