AIMES DC1 Baird House

Baird House

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AIMES's DC2 Kilby House is also located in the Liverpool Innovation Park

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Baird House
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0.09 miles AIMES Liverpool Innovation Park
2.47 miles Level3 Liverpool
4.76 miles Proximity Edge 5 Liverpool
11.23 miles Proximity Edge 4 Chester
14.01 miles Level3 Warrington

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Operating Company

Part of the Arrow Group, AIMES is an award-winning technology company that provides data centre and cloud computing services to businesses across a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, professional services and the digital and creative sectors.

From our headquarters in Liverpool, we operate ISO27001 certified data centre facilities in Merseyside. Our facilities use the latest energy-efficient technology, enabling us to provide secure server hosting, data backup and disaster recovery services at highly competitive rates.

3 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
1.5 Megawatts
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