Vantage Berlin BER1: Vantage Data Centers Opens Three New Facilities in Germany

Nov 04, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Vantage Data Centers has opened three new facilities in Germany. The data center company announced the launch of these facilities in Frankfurt and Berlin. The new data centers see the company’s data center footprint in Germany rise by 72MW and 68,750 square meters (740,000 square feet). Vantage launched its second data center in Berlin on its Berlin I campus. The data center is a two-story facility that spans 12,000 square meters (130,000 square feet). It also offers 16MW of IT capacity. Upon full development, Berlin 1 will feature four data centers totaling 44,000 square meters (474,000 square feet) and 56MW. 

Vantage Data Centers also launched its first data center on its Berlin II facility in Mittenwalde. The data center features two stories and offers 16MW of IT capacity. Vantage DC began work on the data center late last year. The facility sits on a 12-acre campus and will provide up to 32MW of power across 24,000 square meters (260,000 square feet). 

The last data center was launched in Frankfurt. The facility is a four-story data center located in Vantage’s Frankfurt II campus and offers 40MW of capacity across 33,000 square meters (350,000 square feet). Vantage DC started construction of the data center in 2021.