Africa: Two data centers secure a $15 million loan in Cape Verde

Aug 01, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The island nation of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) in Africa has been granted a loan to construct two new data centers. This week, the African Development Bank (ADB) and the government of Cabo Verde announced the signing of a loan agreement for $15.3 million to improve the Cabo Verde Technology Park.

Previously, the ADB provided a loan of $34.86 million to fund the first phase of the technology park, which consists of two campuses: one in the capital city of Praia and the other on the island of São Vicente. As part of a public-private partnership, the second phase will equip the hub to operate on renewable energy and provide two data centers. No additional information regarding the data centers was provided.

The loan agreement was signed by Olavo Avelino Garcia Correia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Cabo Verde. The Cabo Verde Technology Park, located in Praia, Cape Verde, is around 1 mile from the current NOSi data center, an African Development Bank-supported facility. The park will encompass 8 hectares and cost $36.5 million.

The Praia technology complex contains an existing data center. According to the Cabo Verde Tech Park website, a second campus is planned for the Praia location, while a disaster recovery facility will be established at the So Vicente location. Located more than 300 miles off the west coast of continental Africa, Cape Verde is a group of ten islands in the central Atlantic Ocean.

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