Texas: TexAmericas Center announces initiative to develop green data center park

Mar 08, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

TexAmericas Center has announced its plan to develop green energy data centers, which it has said will be suitable for major companies eyeing expansion. The property pegged for this development has over 400 acres, which reports outline would be suitable for hyperscale, corporate, retail and  similar data center applications.

Offering over 350 MW and 3.5 milli-second round trip latency to the DFW and Little Rock markets, the property will be powered by both wind and solar. Speaking about this, TexAmericas Center Executive Director & CEO Scott Norton, said that the development is a response to data center operators and owners’ increasing interest in prioritizing sustainability and minimizing their environmental impact. He added: “The development of this piece of property also has the potential to create great paying, quality jobs, attract more hi-tech businesses, bring cutting-edge technologies to local communities, and add significant revenue to the Texarkana region.”

Meanwhile, TexAmericas Center Executive Vice President & Chief Economic Development Officer Eric Voyles, commented: “Data centers are among the most energy-intensive building types, so affordable and reliable energy sources that keep the environmental impact in check is a major consideration in the site selection process, and the Park has dark fiber and high-capacity 100Gigabit services immediately available. TexAmericas Center offers low-cost, reliable energy produced from diverse sources, including green energy options, and this property is a testament to our commitment to growing green high-tech jobs in Texas.”