NTT Osaka 7: NTT Com’s Osaka 7 to Launch as One of the Largest Data Centers in Japan’s Kansai Region

Nov 26, 2019 | Posted by Eric Bell

NTT Com’s Osaka 7 to Launch as One of the Largest Data Centers in Japan’s Kansai Region

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group (TOKYO:9432), announced today that it will launch the Osaka 7 Data Center (Osaka 7) on December 1 to expand the company’s data center capacity in the Kansai region. Osaka 7 will launch with server space of 3,800m2, top class in the region, and will eventually offer 9,500m2 and 4,200 racks. The state-of-the-art data center will be situated in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, within easy access of major cities including Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

  • Convenient location accessible to diverse customers
Osaka 7 in Ibaraki City will be just 30 minutes by public transportation from downtown Osaka and about one hour from Kyoto or Kobe. The carefully chosen location combines easy access with reduced risk of disruption due to disasters such as floods or earthquakes. The data center will be connected directly to Osaka's Dojima area, a major interconnection point for ISPs and data center operators. NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One service for global networks and OCN and Global IP Network services for internet connectivity will be readily available for major cloud service providers, multinational companies and other customers.

  • Ideal network environment
Osaka 7 will be fully compliant with strict equipment and operational standards that NTT Com has globally unified under its Nexcenter™ family of data centers. In addition to redundant electric power, air conditioning, connections and strict security, users will benefit from NTT Com's high-capacity, high-quality and high-reliability network infrastructure. Moreover, from February 2020, the Flexible InterConnect service will enable Osaka 7 customers to securely interconnect data centers and cloud services for unified management of access points, bandwidth, security settings, etc. via Nexcenter Connect™ Metro, a large-capacity, high-speed network ring connecting NTT Com data centers in Osaka region.

  • Highly disaster resistant
Osaka 7’s seismic-isolation design will minimize the impact on buildings and customer equipment if another powerful massive earthquake were to occur. In addition, Osaka 7 will be located in an area where flooding is uncommon and electric power during disasters will be assured thanks to direct connection to an adjacent substation.

  • Flexible accommodation of equipment
Osaka 7 will be a campus-style data center offering fast, reduced-cost customization to meet diverse needs. The building’s modular design will help to minimize construction time, enabling customers to launch operations quickly and cost-efficiently. Server rooms using cooling wall-type air-conditioning will accommodate ultra-high-heat servers that consume 20kW or more of power, including GPU servers. An advanced high-voltage direct current (HVDC) system will assure reliability and will lower power loss by some 20% compared to AC power feeding.

Japan's data center business has been growing steadily at around 7% per annum and the domestic colocation market was valued at around 540 billion JPY in 2018. In addition to massive demand being generated by cloud-service providers and enterprises, continued growth is envisioned in the use of data centers for hybrid clouds combining on-premises and cloud infrastructure. NTT Com has continued to respond to surging demand in the Kansai area, including by launching now Osaka 7, which will fully satisfy customer needs with its winning combination of large capacity, easy access, disaster resistance and customer-friendly adaptivity.

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