Texas: Land meant for data center infrastructure in Fort Worth rezoned

Aug 18, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

According to reports, a parcel of land in Fort Worth, Texas, has been rezoned for residential and light industrial developments. Previously, the 361 acres of land was set aside for digital infrastructure and data center development, however this was never capitalized on. 

Specifically, the land had been zoned as "specific use for electronic data storage center," in addition to some "one-family, low density multifamily, and neighborhood commercial zoning rights." Travis Clegg with Peloton Land Solutions, the engineering firm working on the project, said this decision comes following 20 years of trying to find developers for the site. "Nothing has stuck," he said. Adding: "Fortunately, this project has now gone to an RFP about 12 months ago." 

The land will be divided into seven tracts, and Clegg outlined that it will be used for a park, and "some sort of soccer fields" in the middle of the development, but that nothing  is planned out yet. He added: "Whatever we do will be in conjunction with our developers."

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