Africa: GPX Global Systems INC Expands its Cairo Data Center

May 03, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

GPX Global Systems Inc., the leading provider of carrier-neutral data center offerings in Africa, and Redcon Group have announced a new investment of approximately $90 million to expand the Cairo 2 data center in Cairo, Egypt. The development will add an extra 12 MW of power and 9,000 M2 of space, increasing the total equipped space of GPX in the Cairo market to 12,600 M2. GPX now holds itself as Egypt's premier high-availability, carrier-neutral data center provider and is known for its exceptional client service and 99.999% uptime guarantee. GPX offers colocation services to the greatest enterprise clients in Egypt and the surrounding area.

The GPX Cairo 2 development will be a Rated-4 certified facility with 12MW of power, support for high power density applications, 52U cabinets, and extensive interconnectivity. The expansion's initial phase will be customer-ready by the beginning of the first quarter of 2025. Nick Tanzi, president and chief executive officer of GPX Global Systems Inc., stated that GPX is expanding its critical position in supporting Egypt's digitization and Digital Egypt Strategy. The organization has been doing business in Egypt for over 15 years. This new investment bolsters its conviction that the country is an indispensable center for global internet infrastructure and a robust growth market.

Tarek El Gamal, chair of Redcon Group, stated that their participation in the 2013 construction of the GPX Data Center was a significant demonstration of their dedication to advancing the technological sector. He added that they recognize the vital role Data Centers play in today's interconnected world and are committed to fostering innovation and meeting the industry's ever-changing construction needs.

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