DataBank Atlanta ATL3: DataBank Expands Atlanta Facility

Dec 16, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DataBank will be expanding its data center in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the company’s second expansion announcement this week, as it announced the expansion of its Plano facility earlier. DataBank will be adding over 22,000 square feet of data center space to its ATL3 facility. The company says it plans to complete the expansion in the second quarter of 2022. Upon completion of the expansion, ATL3 will have a total space of 44,000 square feet and a total capacity of 6MW from 1.5MW.

Tony Qorri, the VP of construction at DataBank, said the company is happy to be expanding the data center for the Atlanta market. He added that the company expects a lot of its current customers to take advantage of the available capacity when construction is completed. Qorri noted that some people refer to Atlanta as the South’s Silicon Valley. He further explained that DataBank invested in Atlanta even when people called it a secondary market, but it has now surpassed that to become a top data center market.

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