Taiwan: Actis unveils Asia-focused data center firm Epoch Digital

Jun 21, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Investment firm Actis this week announced the launch of Epoch Digital, with a current portfolio under development offering 200MW of IT capacity across three identified projects and more in the pipeline.

CEO Chng said: “The emergence of generative AI is transforming industries at an unprecedented pace, driving the need for larger data center capacities. This evolution highlights the critical synergy between data center providers and IT tech giants, as they collaborate to support and enhance the infrastructure necessary for this technological revolution. Epoch Digital is well positioned within Asia Pacific in both mature and emerging markets to foster increased collaboration with our partners for this explosive growth potential.”

Thomas Liu, partner, head of Greater China and Asia data centers, real estate at Actis, said: “The launch of Epoch Digital represents an exciting moment for Actis’ data center strategy. Large, global tech hyperscalers are by far the largest drivers of data center demand so it’s key we tailor our offering to those target tenants.”

Liu continued: “As hyperscalers become strained for capacity in mature data markets, they are increasingly turning to Asian growth markets for their needs, where they require cost-effective, decarbonized, and scalable data centers. This is precisely what Epoch Digital is designed to provide and we’re excited to work with Hak Kiat and Pei Ping to deliver this for its customers.”