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Eurofiber is part of the Eurofiber Group and was established in 2000. Since then it has grown into an organisation with more than 280 employees, with offices in Maarsen and Brussels (Belgium) and has become a recognised player in the market for fibre-optic connections. In June 2015 infrastructure Antin Infrastructure Fund has acquired all shares in Eurofiber. Although we are definitely no longer a start-up, we still enjoy challenging the established order with our unique market approach.

  • Operating 4 data centers in 3 markets.
  • Their largest faciilty is FullSave: TLS00.
  • The company has 0 sites under construction.

4 Facilities Owned

3 Markets Served

Eurofiber Data Center Map

Eurofiber Locations

FullSave: TLS00

In 2014, FullSave commissioned its Toulouse data center, TLS00, with a total surface area of 1,600 m².

FullSave: Auch, France

FullSave, a Toulouse-based subsidiary of Eurofiber, has launched a new data center facility. The site features 30 racks distributed across two IT rooms, each measuring 70 sqm (753 sq ft).

Eurofiber Data Center Photos

Inside of FullSave's TLS00 Data Center in Toulouse, France
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Inside of fullsave's new Data Center in Auch, France
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