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News Press & Gazette Company purchased Nebraska Data Centers in November 2018 and renamed it 1623 Farnam, LLC.

Located right in the middle of the U.S. near the original east to west Internet Fiber Backbone within a uniquely redundant power grid, 1623 Farnam is the only carrier hotel in Nebraska. This facility is the regional nexus for local, national and international carriers, enterprises, network operators, and cloud providers.

Nebraska Colocation Centers followed a unique path into the Carrier Hotel / Colocation industry. Owned by a Real Estate Trust, NCC was formed as a result of an investment that occurred in the early 1980s. While looking for commercial properties to purchase, the Trust acquired several multi-tenant buildings in Nebraska. One of the Omaha structures, located at 1623 Farnam Street, was conveniently located near the original east-west Internet fiber backbone. The building electricity was supported by multiple power stations, resulting in a single power failure occurrence over 25 years. These innate features attracted telecommunications companies who installed network infrastructure within the building to support interconnections with other carriers. Over the years, more and more carriers secured space in the facility and the Nebraska Carrier Hotel was formed.

In October of 2013, NCC invested in a second data center in Lincoln, which offers 155,000 square feet of colocation space. With diverse, redundant fiber connections between the two facilities, NCC has two data centers operating as a single location, but are located nearly 60 miles apart.

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5th floor layout
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Outside of 1623 Farnam
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Colocation Room
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