1108 W 1600 S

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The Tonaquint group began construction the 3rd quarter 2007 and concluded 3rd quarter of 2008. The data center became operational in October 2008 and building is located in the Tonaquint Business Park


  • Utility: City Power
  • Most Economical Power in the region.
  • 25MW primary substation.
  • 15MW secondary substation.
  • Total power plant 4MW.
  • FUEL TANK: Currently, 6,000+ gallons on site. Fuel storage for minimum 48-hr run time.
    • Three (3) 2MW Caterpillar generators and eight (8) 750KVA Liebert UPS units.
    • Entire generator plant designed at N+1 redundancy.


  • FLOOR LOAD: Typical structural capacity of 1,250 pounds per sqft.
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) above and below floor.
  • Double interlock pre-action throughout.
  • HVAC:
  • DX30 ton computer room air conditioner units.
  • N+1 redundancy on all systems.
  • CEILING HEIGHTS: Typically finished 10 feet from raised floor.
  • LOADING AREA: Secure enclosed loading area.


  • Zayo (360 Networks)
  • Tonaquint
  • CenturyLink (Qwest)
  • Interlinx
  • South Central
  • Level(3) Communications
  • Integra Telecom

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1108 W 1600 S
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