T-Systems München

Elisabeth-Selbert-Straße 1

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Elisabeth-Selbert-Straße 1
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0.00 miles GTT Munich
3.91 miles Level3 Munich (Seidlstraße)
3.91 miles Equinix Munich MU1, MU3
4.43 miles euNetworks Munich 2
4.50 miles euNetworks Munich 1
4.79 miles EdgeConnex Munich
Edgeconnex acquired the facility from Vodafone in January of 2019.
5.05 miles Vodafone Munich 2
5.13 miles Level3 Munich (Wamslerstraße)
5.24 miles Equinix Munich MU2
5.25 miles Equinix Munich MU4
6.90 miles NTT Munich 2
6.97 miles noris Munich MUC5
7.75 miles NTT Munich 1

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German Colocation Matrix (2017) Rankings by Research in Action
Posted in Germany / Deutschland
Source: Computer World and Research in Action

Operating Company

T-Systems is the corporate customer division of Deutsche Telekom. Based on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, the company operates information and communication technology (ICT) for multinational corporations and public institutions. With branches in more than 20 countries and global supply capability, T-Systems serves companies from all sectors. from the automotive industry to telecommunications, finance, commerce, services, media, energy and manufacturing, public administration and healthcare.

5 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
22.5 Megawatts
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