Sumatra Data Center Market

The Sumatra data center market is located in the country of Indonesia and within Southeast Asia. Sumatra has 8 facilities.

The top providers in Sumatra are neuCentrIX (5 sites) and NDC Nusantara Data Center with 2 facilities. The most popular facilities are neuCentrIX Pekanbaru and neuCentrIX Pekanbaru.

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Market Facts

Sumatra Data Center Map

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Largest Providers in Sumatra

Facilities: 5
Power: 0 MWs
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NDC Nusantara Data Center
Facilities: 2
Power: 0 MWs
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Princeton Digital Group
Facilities: 1
Power: 3 MWs
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Largest Data Centers in Sumatra

Location Total SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW)
Princeton PDG PE1 0 SqFt
54,196 SqFt
??? NN
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neuCentrIX Aceh 0 SqFt
0 SqFt
neuCentrIX Palembang 0 SqFt
0 SqFt
newCentrIX Medan Centrum 0 SqFt
0 SqFt
neuCentrIX Tanjung Karang 0 SqFt
0 SqFt

About This Metro

Sumatra (also known as Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia.  It is the largest island in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world.