OVH Strasbourg Campus

9 Rue du Bassin de l'Industrie

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The campus is a former Arcelor-Mittal plot of 4,000 square meters that the company bought from Arcelor-Mittal, on the banks of the Rhine.

  • SBG1, the first Strasbourg data center, consisting of twelve containers, came online in 2012. The 12 containers had a capacity of 12,000 servers
  • SBG2 is a non-container data center in 2016 using its “Tower” design with a capacity of 30,000 servers
  • SBG3 tower was built in 2017 with a capacity of 30,000 servers
  • SBG4 was built in 2013 as several containers to augment capacity, but was decommissioned in 2018 and moved to SB3.

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9 Rue du Bassin de l'Industrie
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Sites within 15 miles of OVH Strasbourg Campus

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0.09 miles OVH SBG3
0.11 miles OVH SBG2
0.13 miles OVH SBG1
0.69 miles Level3 Kehl
1.68 miles zColo Strasbourg
2.63 miles Cogent Schiltigheim

OVH Strasbourg Campus Data Center Photos

SBG-2 Facility
Posted in OVH SBG2

Posted in OVH SBG3
Source: OVH

SBG3 under-construction in 2017
Posted in OVH SBG3

Two of the ten generators of the SBG3 datacenter of 1250 kVA each, with an autonomy of 48 hours at full load
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Source: OVH

Rendering of the OVH SBG Campus in Strasbourg
Source: OVH

OVH Strasbourg Campus showing all 3 Buildings (2019)
Source: Baxtel

Dramatic night photo of SBG2 burning
Source: Bas-Rhin SDIS

Smoldering aftermath of the March 2021 fire the destroyed SBG2
Source: Bas-Rhin SDIS

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OVH is a French cloud computing company that offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web services. The company was founded in 1999 by the Klaba family and is headquartered in Roubaix, France.

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