Northern Data Lefdal

Gt 1 nr 57 6700 Måløy

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Gt 1 nr 57 6700 Måløy
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0.00 miles Lefdal Underground Mine

Northern Data Lefdal Data Center Photos

Bringing a mining container into the Lefdal site

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Northern Data develops and operates global infrastructure solutions in the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC). With its customer-specific solutions, the company provides the infrastructure for various HPC applications in areas such as bitcoin mining, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, IoT or rendering. The internationally active company is today a leading provider of HPC solutions worldwide. Northern Data offers its HPC solutions both in large, stationary data centers and in mobile high-tech data centers that can be set up at any location worldwide. The company combines self-developed software and hardware with intelligent concepts for a sustainable energy supply. The Northern Data group currently employs about 150 members of staff.

2 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
5.0 Megawatts
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