MMTS Moscow M9

ul. Butlerova

Operated by: MMTS-9

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ul. Butlerova
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Sites within 15 miles of MMTS Moscow M9

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Distance Site About
0.00 miles Rostelecom MMTS-9
5.96 miles Rostelecom Biryulevo
7.39 miles Telehouse Moscow
7.92 miles Rostelecom Moscow III
7.92 miles Rostelecom Moscow II
7.92 miles Rostelecom Moscow I
10.13 miles Rostelecom M10
10.59 miles Linxdatacenter Moscow
10.92 miles Rostelecom OST
14.61 miles IXcellerate Moscow One
14.67 miles IXcellerate Moscow Two
15.48 miles Rackspace Moscow MOW80
16.09 miles NORD-5
16.13 miles NORD-1
16.13 miles NORD-2
16.15 miles NORD-3
16.17 miles Rostelecom NORD Campus
16.17 miles NORD-6
16.19 miles NORD-4

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1 Facilities Owned
3 Markets Served
0 Megawatts
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