Site: GIGA Oak Ridge, TN

Company: GIGA Data Centers
Metro: Knoxville
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Site Stats:
Current Under Construction Potential Expansion Total at Full Buildout
Building SqFt: 30,000 30,000
Gross SqFt:
Usable SqFt:
Office SqFt:
Power (MW): 4.00 12.00 16.00
PUE: 1.15

Located on 14.5 acre. Built 2005. Retrofit 2021. Multi-tenant. 30,000 SF (Phase 1). Concrete slab-on-grade and structured steel. Wind-rated more than 150mph. Tier III+* facility.

Built to Tier III Uptime Institute specifications, the first phase will supply 4MW of critical power in a 2N configuration with an industry-leading guaranteed maximum Power Use Efficiency (PUE) rating of 1.15. The data center uses 95% less water than a typical facility using chilled-water & cooling towers, and reduces operating power consumption by almost 80%

Map and Nearby Locations:

200 Summit Place, Oak Ridge, TN 37830