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51 Heelsumstraat

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51 Heelsumstraat
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This photo was taken from a YouTube tour of the facility. Here is the <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z49dVd6fck" target="_blank">link to the YouTube Video</a>

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This photo was taken from a YouTube tour of the facility. Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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E-Commerce Park is located in Curaçao and was established in 1999, giving follow up to the public-private initiative to make Curaçao one of the E-Commerce centers of the region. The local Government wanted to attract high-end IT and E-Commerce businesses and for that purpose introduced the so-called E-Zone legislation (see below) as well as the E-Commerce legislation, recognizing the digital signature as part of its Trade legislation.

Construction of the first phase of this High Tech park started in the winter of 2000. This phase consisted of a purpose built Data Center, with a capacity of 110 cabinets, as well as a 29,000 square foot Office Campus, to house call center and companies demanding high availability of internet and infrastructure. E-Commerce Park guarantees its customers a minimum of N+1 redundancy and is categorized as a Tier III data center. A major 10,000+ square foot annex to the original facility was completed and opened late 2008. Besides providing solutions to the e-zone businesses, the new facility was built to provide superior Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions to the local and regional companies. The new complex is currently housing the landing station of Columbus Networks as well the CAR-IX internet exchange and POPs of the majority of the telecom licensees of the Netherlands Antilles.

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