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Alcoa Power Canal Rd

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Alcoa Power Canal Rd
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1.61 miles CleanSpark: Massena, New York
CleanSpark co-locates some of its machines at Coinmint in Massena, New York. This co-location facility runs on hydroelectric power—a prime example of bitcoin mining with clean energy.

Coinmint Massena Data Center Photos

Inside Coinmint's facility which was a former Alcoa plant

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Coinmint was founded in 2016 as a private Bitcoin mining firm, exclusively for high net worth private clients. Because of the unique infrastructure Coinmint created, these clients were able to receive returns at rates that far surpassed any of the alternatives.

Today, through its operating subsidiary NCCS, Coinmint operates one of the largest digital currency data centers in the world, in a former Alcoa Aluminum smelter in Massena, NY.

With 435MW of transformer capacity at its Massena complex and additional capacity at another facility in Plattsburgh, NY, NCCS provides co-location services to third party digital currency miners and also conducts self-mining operations.

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