Zayo: Zayo is continuing to build Fiber in existing markets

Sep 15, 2016 | Posted by Eric Bell

It is good to see Zayo's commitment to continue invest and buildout fiber.

Dave Jones, EVP of dark fiber services for Zayo, told FierceTelecom that while the service provider will look for opportunities to grow its fiber network into new markets, enhancing existing builds allows it to gain new contracts with current customers, but also new customers that are along the path of the fiber.

“We’re continuing to look at opportunities to grow the network in new markets, but probably the bigger focus is on doubling down and getting greater depth in our existing markets,” Jones said. “With the majority of our existing markets being NFL cities and smaller markets, we’re going deep in each markets and leveraging those investments.”

Jones added that while it’s not ruling out new builds, “the focus has shifted now that we have these good footprints in place or being deployed over the next few years it creates a lot of opportunities for us.”

The service provider continues to see growing interest in dark fiber from a host of customer sets, including a mix of wireless operators, and increasingly school districts and health care providers. Source: FierceTelecom Sept 14, 2016