Virginia: Warrenton, Virginia To See Data Center Development Skyrocket

Jun 29, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Virginia’s Warrenton town could see the development of data centers skyrocket due to the change of zoning laws. Amazon Web Services has plans to develop a large data center in the town due to the zoning law change. The company filed to develop a 20,400 square meter (220,000 square feet) single story data center at the intersection of Lee Highway and Blackwell Road. In addition, about two other locations are being touted as potential data center sites. These sites could see development of data centers spanning 120,000 square meters (1.3 million square feet).

One of the sites is located at 615 Falmouth Street and it spans 37.5 acres. The other site is located at Blackwell Road and it spans 25.77 acres. According to reports, the site at 615 Falmouth Street could accommodate up to six data center buildings across 60,380 square meters (650,000 square feet). The Blackwell Road site could accommodate two data center buildings.

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