Virginia: Virginia residents file lawsuit over data center development

Jan 03, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A group of residents in Prince William County, Virginia recently sued the Board of County Supervisors through their formed non-profit "Devlin Defend Corporation” over a data center development. The residents submitted this lawsuit on December 28, hoping to stop the development of a nine-building campus - known as the Devlin Technology Park in Bristow.

The residents argued in the filing that the planned development is an "invasive industrial use within a residential area" and that the development has been allowed to exceed height restrictions at the property. Hence, it will "tower over" surrounding houses.

The filing adds that this planned project will destroy the community, adding that the data center development goes against the County's Code of Ordinances. The residents further alleged that the Board has ignored the residents concerns about this development. 

The filing argues that this constitutes a significant change which should have seen the application sent back to the planning commission for review.