Virginia: Virginia county recommends approval of applications to enable homeowners sell their lands for data center

May 17, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Loudoun County Planning Commission in Virginia has recommended approving the Hiddenwood Assemblage application to allow homeowners in Arcola to sell their land for a data center project. The Planning Commission described it as a "no-win situation," with some homeowners wanting the zoning change to sell their land, and others in nearby Briarfield Estates not wanting to live in a neighborhood surrounded by data centers.

For all intents and purposes, the subdivision “is already part of an approved data center park,” Hiddenwood resident Kaleb Calhoun told the Planning Commission at the May 9 meeting. Another resident, Ryan Khan, added that the rezoning will enable the residents to "move on with their lives."

Michael Romeo, from Walsh Colucci, who is representing the applicants said: "There’s trash being dumped. There are data centers under construction — that are built and soon to be completed. There are massive jumbo deliveries occurring on a regular basis. Trucks break down and block the road, causing a major safety issue. [Racefield Lane] was repaved just last year and there are already major potholes all throughout it. This is a miserable experience for everybody involved, and everybody sitting behind me has to deal with this all the time."