Vantage Data Centers: Vantage Data Centers secures $530 million in financing

Nov 05, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Vantage Data Centers has announced that it has raised $530 million in securitized notes. The funds it raised would be used to refinance Vantage DC’s Variable Funding Note (VFN) facility. VFN was used to facilitate the purchase of CA22. Vantage Stabilized Data Centers, a joint venture Vantage DC formed with DigitalBridge in 2020, acquired CA22 in Santa Clara last month for $539 million.

CFO of Vantage, Sharif Metwalli, said the $530 million the company raised is its third securitization financing since 2018. He noted that the company is in a solid financial position that allows it to expand globally with favorable interest rates. Metwalli added that good interest rates help Vantage reduce costs and strengthen its competitive position in the market. He finally thanked DigitalBridge for partnering with Vantage throughout the process while also helping in growing the company’s business.

Vantage DC Santa Clara II

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