Google: Uber Chooses Oracle and Google for 7-year Cloud Agreements, Shutting its Data Centers

Feb 14, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Uber Technologies wants to close its data center facilities after signing two significant cloud contracts. In two seven-year contracts, it will migrate over 95% of its IT to Google Cloud and Oracle from its own data centers. After 11 months of analysis, the taxi and delivery startup opted to use numerous cloud providers to decrease risk and make use of each provider's strengths. Uber will utilize Google's mapping and advertising products in addition to the cloud computing arrangement. Uber's freight operation will employ Oracle's cloud-based ERP and database tools. In 2015, Uber bought Microsoft's Colorado data facility along with 100 staffers. 

Uber reported spending $221 million on office and data center rent, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services cloud computing in its 2018 IPO. The firm scaled using a "tripod model" with base colocation for primary processing and cloud computing services. At DCD>London 2018, Uber Compute chief Dean Nelson said the company wanted 576-rack, 5MW data center leases. Nelson claimed all servers has 25Gbit networks. A pod has 16 racks. They have 30 pods, 480 cabinets. Because they never know what may happen, they added 32 racks for the network and 64 racks for miscellaneous extras to the 480, making 576 racks. The firm employs computing, database, warm and cold storage, and GPUs for machine learning racks. 

Those data centers will progressively shut. Cloud data will replace colocation data center leases. Potential job losses are unknown.

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