NTT: Tokyo Century partners with NTT for data center business in India

Jun 17, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

NTT and Tokyo Century are coming together to form a data center partnership in India. Tokyo Century is a finance company that specializes in equipment leasing, mobility and fleet management, and specialty financing centered on aviation and real estate. NTT, on the other hand, specializes in data centers, cloud, cybersecurity, etc. Tokyo Century will be NTT’s first joint investor in the data center business.

NTT said that Mumbai, India, is an exciting location because plans are in place to develop a lot of data centers there in the future. NTT further added that the partnership with Tokyo Century would be a noteworthy project in the country. A 310,000 square foot facility with 24MW of capacity will be developed. Plans are also in place for the facility to be completed in February 2022.

At Baxtel, we are scratching our heads and need more information to make sense of the partnership. The partnership seems overly complicated, and NTT already has data centers in India with its Netmagic subsidiary. We look forward to untangling the strategy and hearing more about the partnership.

Structure: NTT + Tokyo Century = BOM8

NTT Press Release on June 16, 2021:
NTT Corporation(NTT) aims to further expand its data center business by improving investment efficiency. As part of these activities, NTT and Tokyo Century Corporation (Tokyo Century) will collaborate in India's data center businesses. Specifically, NTT Global Data Centers Holding Asia Pte. Ltd. (GDC HC) will divest 75% of its shares in NTT Global Data Centers Holding Asia BOM8 Pte. Ltd (SPV) to Tokyo Century and will jointly own the data center's assets currently held by NTT Global Data Centers Holding BOM8 Private Limited (BOM8), a 100% subsidiary of the SPV. Through this approach, we will amplify NTT's reliable full-stack services for the data center.

Background and Purpose
In response to the growing global demand for data centers, NTT invests in the data center business to support the core infrastructure that is the starting point for NTT's full-stack strategy. In the data center business, where demand will continue to grow worldwide, NTT aims to provide high-quality services to global companies by maximizing investment efficiency and accelerating the data center business investments.

Tokyo Century is focused on expanding its business model, which integrates the three spheres of "Finance × Services × Business Expertise" through co-creation with partners. Through this model, Tokyo Century provides unique financial services that contribute to resolving social issues toward establishing a robust business portfolio and expanding global businesses with high growth potential.

NTT and Tokyo Century agreed that combining the strengths of both companies and jointly operating and promoting data centers will enhance corporate value. Tokyo Century will be the first joint investor in NTT's data center business.

Details of the collaboration
GDC HC established BOM 8 to hold assets related to the data center business in Mumbai, India through an SPV newly established in Singapore in 2020. This SPV is developing a 9-story data center with a total building area of over 310,000 square feet (approximately 29,000 square meters) and Critical IT load of 24 MW.

SPV will become a joint venture of GDC HC and Tokyo Century, with Tokyo Century acquiring 75% of SPV's outstanding common shares.

The data center, located only 30 minutes from Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, is expected to be completed in February 2022 and will accommodate large-scale cloud service providers known as hyperscalers.

The data center market in India is expected to grow rapidly due to the government's promotion of 5G services and the growth of the e-commerce market. Mumbai, India, is an area where many data centers are planned to be developed in the future, and the collaboration between NTT and Tokyo Century in data center would be a significant project in India. NTT and Tokyo Century will continue to cooperate to support the realization of a sustainable society by resolving social issues.
Transaction Structure

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About NTT
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About Tokyo Century
Tokyo Century has been operating under a management environment free from regulatory constraints to develop and expand a business model that integrates the three spheres of "Finance x Services x Business Expertise" through co-creation with business partners in Japan and overseas. Tokyo Century's four operating segments: Equipment Leasing, which serves a broad customer base; Mobility & Fleet Management, which includes auto leasing for corporate and individual customers as well as car rentals; Specialty Financing centered on aviation and real estate, which leads the way in its corporate growth; and International Business, which operates a global network encompassing over 30 countries and regions. Tokyo Century provides unique financial services that contribute to resolving social issues across broad areas of business. Tokyo Century is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (8439).