Belgium: TINC invests €5 million ($5.6m) in Datacenter United, acquires DC Star

Jan 25, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Belgian infrastructure investment company TINC has made investments in Belgian data center firm Datacenter United. TINC says the €5 million ($5.6m) investment in Datacenter United is to fund the acquisition of DC Star. Datacenter United was founded in 2011. It currently operates three data centers in Belgium with 45,700 square feet (4,250 square meters) of space and up to 880 racks. One of the data centers is in Brussels, while the other two are in Antwerp. In addition, Datacenter United is also developing a 133,000 square feet (12,350 square meters) Tier IV quality data center in Antwerp.

DC Star currently operates three data centers in Belgium. The facilities are located in Oostkamp, Burcht, and Gent. They have a total capacity of 6.5MW. According to TINC, the combination of Datacenter United and DC Star will produce a service provider with an expansive regional presence.

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