Ohio: TAAL & Lake Parime to deploy cryptomine at nuclear station

Jul 15, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

TAAL and Lake Parime have announced their intention to deploy a new cryptomine facility by an unidentified nuclear power station in Ohio, following the signing of a hosting agreement between the two. Through the deal, 3,000 TAAL-owned S19J Pro bitcoin mining units, with a capacity of 10MW, will be deployed at Lake Parime's Powerbox infrastructure at a nuclear facility in Ohio.

Speaking about the move, Richard Baker, CEO of TAAL, said: "This additional capacity is in line with our goal to reach both network location diversification and a total capacity across all sites of 2 EH/s of hash power at full deployment."

Meanwhile, Sath Ganesarajah, CEO of Lake Parime, commented: "The project is a great example of what Lake Parime is all about – we improve the return profile of the clean energy operator whilst addressing demand for low-cost, zero-carbon energy for companies like TAAL. We're excited to expand our site portfolio from largely wind and hydropower to nuclear energy, showcasing the huge potential of our deployments in accelerating the energy transition."