Digital Realty Trust: Reliance joins Brookfield and Digital Realty's Indian data center JV

Jul 26, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Reliance Industries, the largest business group in India, revealed that it would join Mercury Holdings SG Pte, the current joint venture between Brookfield Infrastructure and Digital Realty, to construct data centers in India. By acquiring a 33,33 % stake in the existing JV, Reliance Industries will become a full partner. Digital Connexion: A Brookfield, Jio, and Digital Realty Company will be the business's new name.

While Brookfield is one of the biggest infrastructure investors in the world, Digital Realty is an international supplier of cloud and carrier-neutral data centers, colocation, and interconnect solutions. While Digital Realty's experience in data center platform design and processes, as well as its connections to international clients and Jio's digital and connectivity offerings, will all contribute to the company's expansion, Brookfield will bring its understanding of the Indian infrastructure sector. 

The current joint venture is constructing data centers in Chennai and Mumbai. On a 100MW campus in Chennai, the JV's first 20MW greenfield data center (MAA10) is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2023. The JV recently disclosed the purchase of 2.15 acres of land in Mumbai, where a 40MW data center will be constructed.

The data centers will be linked to vital terrestrial connectivity infrastructure and subsea cables and serve as multiple companies' entry points into India. The transaction is contingent on regulatory approvals and is anticipated to close within three months.