West Virginia: Raleigh County suspends data center proposal indefinitely

Jan 05, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

West Virginia's Raleigh County Commission has indefinitely suspended a data center proposal for a new facility, which was to be developed between Flat Top Road and Joe Cooper Farm Road in Shady Spring. This development is now no longer under consideration with the County for lack of information. Commissioners have asked for more details about the availability of infrastructure on the property, as well as from the West Virginia Division of Highways officials.

Residents have also expressed concerns about the noise pollution this development might bring to the area, which is currently rural and residential. Matthew Ogie, a local, said, “The amount of noise that this data center could bring, between 55 and 85 decibels of noise, which is basically your lawn mower running in your living room 24/7. A lot of people have decided to move into the Shady Spring area because of its peaceful atmosphere, the school district, and the schools that are available for your kids...I came from Texas, all the way from San Antonio, to move in that area specifically.”

The County Commission has decided to indefinitely suspend this proposal despite numerous recommendations for approval till more information is shared.