QTS Data Centers: QTS releases annual ESG report renewing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility

Jul 26, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

QTS recently published its annual ESG report, in which it highlighted its sustainability achievements and the different projects and initiatives it's pursuing in order to expand its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This follows the company being named as one of America's most responsible companies in 2021.

Its updated environmental goals include:
  • Procuring 100% of its power from carbon-free energy sources, 
  • Establishing a portfolio-wide annual water-use effectiveness (WUE) reduction of 5%, 
  • Creating all of its buildings in line with Green Building Standards and Energy Star certifications for all eligible properties and recycling 90% of its operational waste by 2025.

QTS has placed a particular emphasis on social responsibility through schemes that it said "[give] back to the community," "[support] diversity," and implement "success-based giving programs." Some of these initiatives include 'Grow with QTS,' which has reportedly donated more than 50,000 trees planted across the US, 'HumanKIND,' which delivers clean water to impoverished communities in need, and its partnership with the U.S. Dream Academy, which sponsors the children of incarcerated parents in after-school programs. 

Speaking about the company's sustainability goals, Chad Williams, CEO of QTS, commented: "We have made strong progress in establishing QTS as an industry leader through our innovative sustainability initiatives."

Williams added: "QTS' long-standing Core Values have established the foundation of our corporate sustainability program, which prioritizes a servant leadership culture in the stewardship of our company, customers, partners and communities. As our business continues to grow, our responsibility to positively impact those around us will also grow. We look forward to this opportunity and will continue to challenge our organization in the pursuit of our cultural goals with purpose and transparency."

Back in 2019, QTS was acquired by Blackstone, a global investment business with a controversial reputation, which includes being accused by the UN of contributing to the global housing crisis and links with the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. QTS is no a stranger to controversy, either and is currently involved in a controversial proposal to rezone over 2,100-acres in Manassas, Northern Virginia for data center development.