QTS Data Centers: QTS Realty Trust launches new Smart Family of data center remote management solutions

Jun 01, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

QTS Realty Trust has announced its new Smart Family of data center remote management solutions. The Smart Family solution is built on advanced tech, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and preemptive understanding into customers’ colocation environment.QTS Smart family solutions comprise QTS SmartCam, QTS SmartCart, and QTS SmartSensors.

QTS SmartCam is an intelligent system that gives customers real-time information about what is happening in their colocation space. This will help provide visibility and physical security at the data center. QTS SmartCard, on the other hand, is a very secure and intelligent keyboard, video, and mouse over IP service that allows customers to be able to access and control equipment at the QTS data center.

Finally, QTS SmartSensors helps provide real-time temperature and humidity data to customers. In light of this, customers will be able to get critical environmental change metrics remotely. This will help to ensure that that the data centers are working at ideal environmental conditions at all times.

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