QTS Data Centers: QTS plans for Northland data center in question

Feb 24, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Following speculation that QTS Realty Trust Inc. was the company seeking new development within Rocky Branch Creek Technology Park, and later confirmation, it looks like the company's Northland data center plans have now fallen through.

The company was reportedly set to acquire the property northeast of Interstate 435 and U.S. Highway 169 from master developer Diode Ventures LLC. However, in December, due to power sourcing issues, QTS' contract ended. Evergy Inc. was the energy provider pegged to supply power to the facility, with its power supply deemed insufficient. However, sources have highlighted that a larger data center property nearby has been supplied with efficient energy. 

A Diode Ventures spokesperson told BJ: "The Kansas City area has one of the fastest-growing data center markets in the US. Diode Ventures has worked with Evergy on Golden Plains Technology Park and continues to make progress on the development of Rocky Branch Creek Technology Park and related infrastructure."

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