Princeton Digital Group: Princeton Digital to expand Asian data center footprint

Feb 27, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Singapore-based Princeton Digital has announced plans to develop more data centers in Asia, in a bid to support operations in its global headquarters. To do this, the company is injecting an investment of $1 billion. With this, the company is expanding into Batam with a 96-megawatt facility, on a campus built on 15 acres of land, comprising four buildings of up to 24 MW capacity each.

Speaking about this, Rangu Salgame, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Princeton Digital Group said: "As a Singapore-headquartered Pan-Asia data centre operator, PDG is at the forefront of enabling customers to continue leveraging the unique set of characteristics that have made Singapore such a successful hub for the region. Our SG+ strategy is aimed at providing a seamless infrastructure growth roadmap for our customers." Further,  Salgame, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Princeton Digital Group said that the new campus in Batam "reinforces" its growth strategy and solidifies its presence across the region in China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Japan.

Meanwhile, Asher Ling, Managing Director, Singapore, said that the climate impact of digital transformation has "redefined" the way the company develops and operates its data center, and that it aims to build next-generation, "best-in-class" green data centers in close collaboration with local partners and regulators to incorporate sustainable and renewable energy initiatives to power its Batam data center. Adding: "Furthermore, we are exploring tropical data centre solutions as part of our strategic ESG roadmap towards achieving our net-zero emission goals. This is a very exciting time for data centre developers as we develop new standards and create benchmarks in sustainability.”

Elsewhere, Rangu Salgame, chief executive officer, commented: “Singapore will continue to play a major role in the internet in Asia as the digital hub. A billion dollars is the minimum we would be looking to spend because that’s the kind of demand we’re seeing coming into Singapore in the next three to four years.”

“We are happy to work with PDG as they build their 96 MW hyperscale project to provide seamless and stable data center capacity to their customers,” said Muhammad Rudi, chairman of Badan Pengusahaan Batam (BP Batam) and Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority. Adding: “PDG’s investment in Nongsa Digital Park further strengthens the SEZ’s position as a data center hub in the region. We look forward to working closely with PDG as the company continues to scale as a Pan-Asia leader in digital infrastructure.”